Soooooo…. Since yesterday was “Cosplay Appreciation Day” and a lot of peeps posted this. I figured I would too. (Does anyone know why it was cosplay appreciation day? I heard there was some drama….)

So here are all of my “major” cosplays…. in order. There a few I didn’t include that were random Halloween costumes or just ones I didn’t care as much about…. LOL Some of these have been updated a bit before or after these chosen photos.

In post of everyone’s posts, it was about them making their costumes….. Well, I actually don’t make most of mine. I commission friends to make most of my costumes, as I have no patience LOL That’s not to say I do nothing. Actually, it’s rather collaborative sometimes and that’s always a really cool experience. I have learned to sew and have made a few costume pieces or altered things also. I’ve even started making a few costumes but most of those were never finished! LOL

Except for the mascots, my boyfriend, Barry, and I made those together. I give him credit because for the most part, I just did whatever he told me to do. A LOT of hours upon hours went into those, especially Birdo LOL When we started cosplaying, it became something we could do together :)

My Flynn cosplay was the first well, “face character” cosplay. So…. people always say that cosplay gave them some confidence and that is true with me also. I used to be quite obese, heaviest was 280 pounds. Quite a few years ago I lost 80 pounds. Yay. Then, when I started cosplaying…. it helped inspire me to lose more weight. I lost quite a bit more weight just for that costume and have kept it off (err for the most part… give or take… LOL). Actually, I think I’ve lost a little more since then. I’m trying to keep on track with losing weight slowly. I usually set a goal and it’s determined by the date of a certain convention or something…. quite helpful LOL :)

Another thing I’ve got to do is perform as a few characters for children’s birthday parties. That was something I never imagined I’d be doing. It just kind of fell into my lap. It’s also helped me brush up on my acting skills.

But…. the best thing about cosplay is all the amazing people I’ve met! Most of my friends nowadays also cosplay or are involved in the community somehow. I’ve often became friends with people just from running into them at conventions over and over…. or seeing them on facebook after a con. 

So there you have it. I plan on doing many more cosplays (errr when I can afford it), especially some non-Disney ones to spice it up a bit. YAY!

(For some reason, even when I select the option for the pics to all be the same size, Prince Edward is always headless….. oh well~!)

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